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Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit

A survival kit built for hostile environments. Stick the Ultimate Kit in your backpack and hope your never have to use it. If you do, it has everything you need to survive in even the toughest spots.

Item # 31-000701
  • Sheath Dimensions: 11.4 cm x 12.7 cm
  • Overall Weight: 119 g


  • 16 Piece Kit
  • Gerber® Miniature Multi-tool
    • Needle Nose Pliers
    • Wire Cutters
    • Fine Edge Knife
    • Phillips Screwdriver
    • Small Flat Driver
    • Medium Flat Driver
    • Lanyard Ring
    • Bottle Opener
    • Tweezers
  • Waterproof Bag
  • Miniature Light
  • Hand Saw
  • Signaling Mirror
  • Survival Blanket
  • Fire Starter
  • Waterproof matches
  • Cotton Ball - Fire Tinder
  • Snare Wire
  • Emergency Cord
  • Waxed Thread
  • Sewing kit
  • Lanyard Whistle
  • Lightweight, ripstop nylon bag with waterproof zipper
  • Land to air rescue instructions
  • Priorities of Survival - Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials


5 Bear Grylls ! Jazz - FEB 22, 2015

I LOVE going in forests and I ALWAYS follow
your tips!

5 Your Title THEE ZOMBIE KILLAH - FEB 16, 2012

How much does this cost? because im going to buy this or the scout one

5 Your Title Xaris - FEB 12, 2012

This kit is awesome!!!i realy loved it and i strongly recomend it

5 Worthwhile Upgrade Grizzled Old Silverback - FEB 11, 2012

Bought one of these to go into my Camelback daypack. It's a worthwhile upgrade to the basic kit, with additional options for shelter, food, repairs, etc. Good, light-weight stuff to take along for planned use, as well as unplanned survival needs. I added an MRE heater pouch (minus the heater card) for a water bag and a couple of water purificaton tablets. Good stuff in this kit, pretty well thought out.

5 Perfect. Andrew Cheon - FEB 10, 2012

If anything else is absolutely necessary, you guys can just put it in there. I had some iodine tablets and put them in a baggie, put it with my kit, and boom, problem solved. This is hands down one of the most convenient and useful kits out there, whether you're in dire need of help, or are just pretending to be Bear.
Nice work, Bear & Gerber.

3 Your Title Matt - FEB 9, 2012

Nice kit but I would rather just take my original LMF

5 Your Title dave m WV - FEB 4, 2012

As far as the compass goes ,right hand point at the sun in the morning east left hand west bringing up the rear is the south Come people you can do it your looking to the _ _ _ _ _ .Gerber good Job.

5 Jjcnjdcmdcn NFC - FEB 1, 2012


5 Awesome!!! Katie Reed - FEB 1, 2012

Yea could use a compass but really you can use your watch as one. Look it up. And as for water purification... boil the water!! If you really need to survive that's all you have to do, but the rest is for comfort. I see this pack as being easier than what you would have to do without it but just about anyone can live with just a good knife, hatchet, and being well dressed. Nature provides all you need but we're just too lazy to make stuff these days. If you're hungry you can make a trap by chopping wood, you can make a fire starter out of wood.. yea it's harder but still. This kit is better than nothing!

4 add this jt - JAN 31, 2012

I like both kits,mainly I also think iodine tablets are a must in these kits. If for some reason u can't boil your water. Then the tabs are the way to go. I'm very impressed with this whole line of Gerber.

5 Who needs a compass? Smarter Than You - JAN 23, 2012

A true survivor can read the land and sky for direction.

5 good product tim - JAN 21, 2012

i think tahat this kit is very useful but i agree with Alex lose the light and add a compas

5 Epicness Something Strange - JAN 13, 2012

It is really epic i love it it is so compact and the fire steel is the best :) :D

4 Good Product. Out4Life - JAN 8, 2012

The kit is fairly complete. I would have added water purification tablets and a button compass.

5 BEST EVER BEAR - JAN 8, 2012


3 Eh, lose the light, add a compas alex - JAN 7, 2012

This is a neat little pack, most of the items are nice. The whistle is not needed because the one on the zipper is better, and the mini flashlight SUCKS. The one with my kit came with a gnarled up screw that just fell out after opening it and ive never seen it work, no matter what I do. As Bear would say, the weight isnt worth, well, anything for this item. The fish hooks are decent enough to survive, and most other items are great, I LOVE the multi tool. Ill be ditching the light for a compass, and ive tied the lame whistle to the ferro rod (why not, help ive burned myself! haha). Bear and Gerber, lose the light (we can make a torch) and add a compass. Thanks

4 Review Lucky M. - DEC 27, 2011

Perfect kit for good price. Only thing i'm missin' is compass. However you can found poles by using informations in priorities of survival, included in kit. In spite of you are sometimes missin' some things, it doesnt change final feeling of this kit. I totally recommend to buy this kit.

4 Advanced Weekend Survivalist Joseph Borella - DEC 24, 2011

Where's the F'ing compass? Me and my boys took this thing out camping and got lost after spearing shit and drinking in the woods for only like 6 hrs. BEAR!! I thought you had my back bro.

3 Average Adrian - DEC 23, 2011

Hands down is a pretty well equipped kit, however, most of these tools can be purchased separately in bulk and comparatively at a lower price.

BUT nonetheless you pay for the convenience I assume.

5 Need Reviews Matt - DEC 21, 2011

Im thinking of buying it but i need some realy good reviews to bump up my confidence for buying it

5 Sexy Kit Tahseen - DEC 14, 2011

Gorgeous kit mannn :)

4 close army cadet - DEC 10, 2011

it needs a boiling vessel like on the show what would be even better is the light bag to hold the gear can be hung over the fire to boil stuff

5 Anonymous Anon - NOV 29, 2011

My favorite are the people that buy the kit and don't know how to use anything.

5 great kit specsniper - NOV 23, 2011

i got this kit a few weeks ago, i went camping with this and i caught a fish with the stuff provided. GREAT kit has everything. nuff said

5 Kit usage Sebastian - NOV 23, 2011

Hi, I have bought the ultimate survival kit, is there a video which shows the usage of all the items in this kit, it would be great

5 BBQ Rabbit Matt Hardiman - NOV 10, 2011

Snared a rabbit. Skinned it. Cut fire wood. Started a fire. Yum yum. What a kit.......

5 Mr James - NOV 8, 2011

The only possible flaw with this kit is that it doesn't include a compass. Other than that this is the best kit I've seen for an affordable price.

4 Nice job. LAV - NOV 6, 2011

Good job putting together a decent kit for a decent price! Try getting all these items separately and see what I'm talking about.

5 mr paul miller - OCT 31, 2011

My wife likes the small one but I think this is better, big is always better!!!

4 Your Title Misty - OCT 29, 2011

Container for liquid would make it perfect

5 Survivalist Bear Grylls - OCT 18, 2011

Better drink my own piss.

4 Prior Military Kenny - SEP 7, 2011

Great kit, I keep one in each of my vehicles,and my emergency kit. I have not had to use them, but I know from all my gerber products I own it will serve me well when needed.

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