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Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade

Compact and indestructible, this full tang knife is designed to be a smaller, bare-bones survival knife that stays close at hand. The durable rubber handle is ergonomically shaped for a better, more comfortable grip in all types of weather. It includes a lightweight plastic sheath that clips to a belt or backpack and Bear’s “Priorities of Survival” guide. For light and fast day trips into the woods the Compact Fixed Blade is the right knife.

Item # 31-001066
  • Blade Length: 8.6 cm
  • Overall Length: 19.8 cm
  • Weight: 106.9 g
  • Weight in Sheath: 140.9 g
  • Steel Type: 7Cr17Mov


  • Full Tang
  • Durable Rubber Handle
  • Ergonomic
  • Lightweight Plastic Sheath
  • Sheath Clips to Belt / Backpack
  • Priorities of Survival Guide
5 Great knife The Survival man - NOV 6, 2014

Use it along side my lmf 2. very sharp out of the box and best $45 I have ever spent

5 Great knife The Survival man - NOV 6, 2014

Use it along side my lmf 2. very sharp out of the box and best $45 I have ever spent

2 Cory mclellan Cory - OCT 25, 2014

Good knife but absolutely terrible clip. It slid off multiple times and after taking it to the woods, I looked down to use it and it had slid off never to be found again. Don't buy untill they redesign. Would like my money back :-/

5 survivalist vince - FEB 28, 2012

great knife!
i dont like the seration however, make it without seration and I buy one.

5 you want fine edge? pedroalpha - FEB 28, 2012

i just recieved my 'exclusive tactical' fixed blade. looks a lot like(but is a little different) the knife you see above. but it is a bear grylls/gerber product and on first inspection it looks nifty. go to 'cabelas' as they are the exclusive sellers of this gerber product. like i say..the blade is very much like the above knife..but with subtle differences. compare them..but i very much like mine.

4 Pathfinder Ben Spencer - FEB 28, 2012

please make a fine edge and a non-bear grylls design and I will buy.
Sorry Bear, but I dont like orange.

5 Compact Fixed blade Derek - FEB 27, 2012

Received my knife today, I can can tell you this knife is great. Will take out and put it to the test this weekend. Great job Gerber for another awesome knife!

5 Title Datguy - FEB 27, 2012

The knife looks really nice,but like many before me has said,it would be even better WITHOUT the serrations,but i ight consider buying it anways :)

3 word nonamer1 - FEB 27, 2012

Good knife, but when i took mine from the package the serrations were bent and such

5 fine edge Chattoogan - FEB 26, 2012

please make a fine edge and I will buy

5 Your Title random guy from the street - FEB 23, 2012

Looks sweet, now just make it fine edge and you got a deal!

5 Looks.... Lukas - FEB 21, 2012

Very nice and useful. Must have!

5 Mr T Sandberg - FEB 19, 2012

Looks very nice! I totally agree with many other comments here that a fine edge, ie non-serrated, would be more interesting.
Maybe a version that has serrations along all of the edge would be of interest to some too?
Scandi-grind anyone?

5 thrower billy - FEB 19, 2012

this knife is perfect fot throwing, i threw it at a deer because somehow i forgot my arrowsand it hit itirghtbetween the eyes thanks gerber

5 Case?? Jose Reyes - FEB 18, 2012

What does it look like with the case on??

5 perfect for the parang sput - FEB 18, 2012

you should put this thing on the Parang! ;)

5 Awesome knife Jarrad - FEB 18, 2012

This would be a grea tknife for scouts because we need something under 4".
I would like to see a fixed blade scout knife with the same sheath as the ultimate survival knife but under 4" and dosent burn a hole in your pocket.

4 fine edge ian - FEB 18, 2012

will this be in fine edge as well.

5 im not bear grylls!! Bear - FEB 17, 2012

i am a rock climber so the size of this thing is perfect, and the serrations are perfect

5 Your Title Your Name - FEB 17, 2012

Looks promising! Can't wait to pick one up! I would really like to see a BG E-Tool some day!

5 In Stock Hui Chen - FEB 15, 2012

You can go to rocky mountain knife works and buy it there and it is on their website. Great knife though, I also have the ultimate knife, works great!!!!!!!, I highly recommend it.Man it is amazing, never puts you down.

5 no serrations Bear - FEB 14, 2012

i think this knife is a very good idea because of the shape of the blade as well as the size of the knife, but the serrations should go because they can get damaged really easy in the field, and please get it in stock soon.

5 Serations good Al - FEB 11, 2012

The serations cut better than fine edge but any way GET IT IN STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 GET IT IN STOCK john - FEB 11, 2012


5 Serrated is great for survival!! Seth - FEB 10, 2012

Looks amazing! Serrations are great for suvial, you guys are under the suvial category !! Plus its fine edge plus serrated...If you want a full fine edge look at the rest of gerber!

5 fine edge jonathan - FEB 10, 2012

make a fine edge one and that would be great:-)

5 please tommy - FEB 9, 2012

hi gerber coud you get this in stock

5 gerber bear grylls john - FEB 9, 2012

you need to make more bear grylls knives, and with a little bit bigger blade

5 WHat up Gerber Baby Libbs - FEB 9, 2012

I love the knife, but you guys need to make this knife with a little bigger blade, and have a stright edge one too.

4 NO MORE SERATIONS! Bill - FEB 8, 2012

I love your bear grylls line, but along with 99% of everyone else I find combo edges to be the biggest pain in the a** ever! Just forget about the serations, and stick to fine edge blades.

5 Definitely getting one Your name - FEB 8, 2012

serrations are good for when you are in the wild cutting through vines rope and wood so the serrations make it a good SURVIVAL knife because you survive in the WILD. Get with it people.

3 how does it lock? Mathias - FEB 8, 2012

hey it's look like a nice knife. But I has a question. how does the knife lock i the sheat? is there eny thing you should push at?

4 Good news Diego - FEB 7, 2012

I'm italian,how much does it cost in italy? I'll buy it certainly because also the folding scheath is great,but fine edge would better

5 sheath John - FEB 7, 2012

Get this knife in stock with a picture of the sheath, and make a fine edge one please

5 what? Matt - FEB 5, 2012

okay.......when did this guy come in stock here? and what the heck is it? It looks awesome! but i wish i new what the price was! Because of it being out of stock i cant see the price! once i found out what it is maybe with the money i have left i could buy one!

2 stop Frustratetd - FEB 4, 2012

Serretations again?! Stop this nonsense!

5 get it in stock tommy - FEB 4, 2012

get it in stock

1 Fine edge,please! Peter - FEB 3, 2012

Please make the knife with a fine edge. If you do, I will buy one. Because it looks like a greate knife. I love the design, without the serratations!
I honestly don't understand WHY you want to make every knife with a feature that has a very limited range of use.

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